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5 Advantages of having your own App for the Retail World

The mobile App marketing has become a real asset to be used also in the retail world, to get in close contact with users who use and live mobile as a personal experience.

An App in the retail world, if properly exploited, can bring a series of benefits. Let's have a closer look at them together:

1. Revolutionizes Customer Experience

Mobile phones have become the main means of connecting to the Internet and retailers have to take this factor into account. The smartphone is becoming an integral part of the sales and communication experience; A concrete link that completes the strategy.

The App acts as a brand extension and gives added value to your products.

2. Stimulates purchases by delivering up-to-date content

According to recent studies, an app can increase in-store frequency; In fact, users who are usually using mobile apps visit stores twelve times more than those who do not use them.

Additionally, an App encourages purchases directly from the mobile, delivering personalized content, offering fast services and keeping your user settings in memory.

3. Send private promotions and coupons

The App becomes a complement to the traditional website. In fact, the latter must be used by the retailer to attract users and potential future customers, while the App must be used to enhance the loyalty of the customer through personalized services, promotions, and coupons.

Push notifications sent based on customer's personal information are ten times more successful than traditional notices.

4. Increase Social Engagement

Optimization and continuous analysis allow you to understand what are the less performing aspects of an App and improve them.

The customer experience with the App needs to create the so-called "wow effect", which brings users back to that App, visit other brand channels, and suggests the same App to friends by enhancing brand reputation.

5. Profiles and increase customers Loyalty with Fidelity Card in App

The traditional plastic cards can now be integrated directly into consumer smartphones: virtual cards that can be used at any time by customers through the Fidelity APP.

In this way, the retailer can create a detailed archive of the various customers, send targeted promotions to groups, or single users and, last but not least, reduce communication costs.


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