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With Lookapp Fidelity Module you can offer  a smart alternative to the traditional plastic fidelity card, always available on your smartphone!

How many times do you forget your Fidelity Card, Loyalty Card or Membership Card? When was the last time a customer came to your shop to  benefit from your special offer, or gain loyalty points on their card, forgetting to bring the card with them?

Simplify your Loyalty Programs and increase the loyalty of customers with innovative tools such as Lookapp Fidelity Module!

The Benefits of Lookapp - Fidelity

You do not have a Fidelity Program yet? Start with Easy Fidelity!

Easy Fidelity is the easiest solution for those which do not have any Fidelity, or Loyalty Programs:

Do you already have an existing Loyalty program? Transform it with Fidelity Card Module!

If you already have a loyalty program you are using with traditional plastic cards, GuideMii proposes you the Fidelity Card Module to integrate with your traditional loyalty cards in a smart way:

If you already use a Fidelity Card management system, GuideMii can study a tailor-made solution for integrating the Fidelity Card app with your existing program and managing the cards directly in-App.

What if you want an App + Fidelity Card? Discover the Card Print Module!

What if you could personalize and print your traditional Fidelity Card in real time, directly from your App?

Thanks to the innovative Card Print Module from GuideMii, the App and Fidelity Card combination can reach new frontiers! This custom solution allows you to print plastic cards from the Registration form of the App with Fidelity Module and send it directly to a Plastic Card Printer.


Find out how the Fidelity Module works by downloading FoodPecker, the GuideMii demo app for iOS and Android, and sign up for Fidelity!

Download FoodPecker