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Easy, fast and secure: allows items of your menu to be ordered directly from your own personalized App, anywhere and anytime!

Do you have a business in the food industry? Have you ever thought of an App that would allow your customer to order their lunch or dinner directly from their own sofa, or from the resturant table?

Discover how to simplify and innovative ordering with GuideMii App Self-Order Module:

Ideal for you?

Yes, if you have an activity in the food industry: pizzerias, restaurants, kiosks, sandwich bars, food courts, street food, ice cream parlors, pastry shops, bakeries etc ...

The Self-Order Module has a large degree of customization: you can set up your menu and special offers, deciding on the prices of the dishes and variants; Inserting ingredients, pastes, preparation notes; Choosing whether to make a home delivery (specify the minimum order amout) and the type of payment accepted, such as cash or Paypal.

Unlike other App platforms that manage home orders, the Self-Order Module is exclusive to your business and lets your customers easily customize their order based on preferences, intolerances, or allergies.

Try it now!

Find out how the Self-Order Module works by downloading the demo FoodPecker free, the GuideMii demo-app for iOS and Android!

Download FoodPecker