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Offering internet connectivity to your customers has become a must, though how can it be also a profitable advantage for your business?

Do not limit yourself to the classic free wi-fi: with Wilike you can increase your online visibility, collect your customer data and offer many other exclusive services such as the FastEat multi-language menu with FastEat automatic translation and the YouLiked survey system.

How does Wilike work?

The customer connects to wi-fi: your free wi-fi will be handled by the wilike router: a compact, smart and self-contained universal device.
Register: To browse, your customers will need to provide their personal information or simply authenticate via Facebook.
Navigate and discover many services: Once authenticated, your customer will have access to Wilike services: FastEat multilingual menu, YouLiked survey system, quick link to download your app, links to your social media channels and your website.
Stay in touch! Use contacts generated to stay in touch with your customers and communicate events, offers, or promotions. Enhance social loyalty and visibility!

What advantages does it offer?

Not only free wi-fi: with Wilike your free wi-fi will become a real contact generator and a platform to provide services to your customers.
Visibility: Thanks to Facebook's registration, it will increase the visibility of your page and your social content.
Services: you will have a showcase to highlight other useful services, at no additional cost or annoying interruptions.
Security: The connection to your free wi-fi wi-fi will be free, but with a pre-set security limit on peak times and mega downloads.