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Make your business digital by choosing the best digital solutions for you!

GuidaMii, in partnership with Netrising, introduces Lookapp, the innovative mobile application portal.
With Lookapp products and GuidaMii's web solutions, your brand will always be within reach of smartphones, increase your company's visibility, make communication with your customers and partners instantaneously while implementing new loyalty strategies, making the most of your promotional tools.

Starter kit

The ideal tools to help you get started and guide your customers towards the digital world: find out more by downloading the pdf!

Lookapp - Fidelity

Offer a smart combination or alternative to traditional plastic fidelity cards which is always available on your smartphone!

Lookapp - Reserved Area

It allows to you to gather the users in groups an simplify the management of sharing confidential documents as PDFs or text sheets

Lookapp - Self Order

Specifically designed for catering and food channel, and can be used for various other activities. It allows to automate and speed up orders made from home or from the restaurant table!

Lookapp - Booking

The customer can now also book a service directly through the App without having to call or send e-mails.


The web-page that translates your menù into 15 languages ​​and allows your customers to view your menu directly on their smartphones!