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Your Made in Italy Guide

Bring your Made in Italy abroad, create partnerships, and conquer new markets thanks to the right tools and strategies!
GuidaMii will guide you through this transformation.

Italian products are amongst the most sought after in the world: a trend that is expected to be confirmed year over year. Data on Italian exports are also reported by the Economic Development Department of the Ministry of Economic Development: from € 369,016 million in 2008, it reached 416,951 in December 2016. Italy is the eighth country in the world for export sales and dominates 3% of total exports. The first importing country of Italian products is Germany (16.3%), followed by France (8.9%) and China (7.5). A steady climb that encourages investment.

Do you consider expanding your business overseas, or searching for a specific Made in Italy product? 

GuidaMii - Your Made in Italy Guide can assist you with competence and professionalism, offering you the solutions, the right contacts, and tools ideal for the internationalization of your business.

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